Welcome to WPA Territory!


Welcome to our website. These are our webpages dedicated too the Wolf Pack Alpha's center of information for and about our pack.
Here you will gather some common information regarding who we are and why we exist.
Please be advised that this website is in it's Mid-Prototype phase and there is not much content or finished layout elements yet. Also this website will start out simple/dull to appearence but over time it will be upgraded as I get more time and more knowledge of how to make it better. I hope you will find these pages helpful or atleast pleasing that our pack's web presence is becomming more and more closer to functional operation. Enjoy your stay!

Who we are: Family

Our Wolf Pack (Other species/individuals included) is composed of three main groups, "Therianthropes", "Furries", and members who of which do not fall under the first two categories.

Our organization is centered around the values of a family, though not blood related of course, it is a brother and sisterhood of common grounds. Our family is based on the priciples that we show compassion and care for each other as we look out and keep each others backs covered through life's challenges while maintaneing the progression of our pack's interests and goals.

Who we are: Spiritualy

Our pack's second purpose for it's existence and completely optioal are the fundamentals of Therianthropy and basic knowledge of paraphysical mechanics. This discussion is as said, optional no one is required or forced to hear, learn, or interact with any of said discussions through this section of our organization.